Job Interview

3 Tips for Landing That Job Interview

Either you are fresh out of university or seeking a better career opportunity – how to get noticed by hiring managers is an art (but of course it is also science). Maybe one day you open your inbox, you see an email about a job listing that describes your dream job. There comes a mixture […]


How to Get the Most Out of Your Household Appliances

Household appliances are getting cheaper and more functional all the time these days, thanks to the boom of technology. They are a huge part of a home, and things we rely on daily for cooking. Therefore daily maintenance is still necessary. I bet you want to keep your household appliances running as long as possible. […]


5 Simple Steps for a Successful Event

Event planning is a creative career with good job prospects but it is ranked one of the most stressful occupations out there. Whether it is a company event, an all-day conference, or a multi-day annual meeting, the pressure to hold an enjoyable and successful event can bring the stress level up to the top. Put […]


3 Home Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

You must be thinking “how hard can it be?” Well, sometimes it has nothing to do with your skills and ability, or even the cost to repair something at home, on the contrary, it has everything to do with safety. Yes, there are plenty of repairs you can do yourself at home, and God gives […]