The Benefits of Having a Fridge in Your 4×4 – That’s right, a Fridge!

Perry   March 22, 2019   Comments Off on The Benefits of Having a Fridge in Your 4×4 – That’s right, a Fridge!

Can you think of anything more awesome than having a fridge installed in your 4×4? Just think of all the times when a fridge would have come in handy: when you’re off camping for the weekend with your family; or when you’re celebrating at the beach during the summer; of for those long days at the car-boot sale! Well, now you can have one!

In this article, we’re going to explore the benefits of having a fridge installed in your 4×4. And, we’ll look at how to go about finding the best one. (if you’re gonna do it, do it properly, right?)

As far as MSA 4×4 Accessories go, the fridge slide is without a doubt one of the coolest (pun intended)! This is largely because of how convenient it is to have a fridge installed in your boot, which can slide out the back. It makes accessing your fridge easy, so that you don’t have to climb into your boiling hot car and rummage around every time you need a tinny in the summer.

bbqBBQ’s at the Beach

When I think of a fridge slide, I think of all of the beer that I can store. However, you must remember to leave some room for the meat! What better a way to celebrate summer, then with a BBQ on the beach? Only this time, you can bring even more meat and keep what you don’t use nice and cool.

This is great if you have friends and family joining you at different intervals. So, rather than cooking everything up in one go, you can come back to it as and when.

A well-stocked camping trip

Imagine being able to go camping, and having enough food to last you the trip without having to drive to the shop for supplies? Well, with the best fridge slides, you can do exactly that! These spacious fridges not only conveniently slide out but will keep you well supplied for at least a week (depending on your packing skills of course).

Now you can try out some awesome camping recipes and have a proper feast in the wilderness with your favourite people!

You’ll be the hero, every time

There’s nothing worse than running out of beer on a camping trip. Or rather, running out of cold beer! Well, the beauty of having a fridge in your 4×4 is that you can bring as much beer as you can sensibly fit in your car. Then when the cold tinnies are out, you can just keep stocking the fridge up as you go. Be the hero of your own story and all that!