What it the Most Organic Form of Pest Control?

Perry   February 16, 2019   Comments Off on What it the Most Organic Form of Pest Control?

You could argue that the most organic form of pest control is, indeed, pest prevention. What could be more natural than not having to deal with the pests in the first place. Sounds easier said than done I must admit, particularly if you already have a pest problem. However, in this post we will share some pest prevention tips just in case.

De-clutter and thoroughly clean your premises

The first of our organic pest control tactics is cleanliness. We’re all guilty of letting our house get a little messy now and again. Especially when it comes to collecting rubbish and things that we don’t really need. The first step is to do a massive clear-out. Get rid of all-of the clutter in your home and you’ll be removing a great deal of the nesting opportunities for any prospective pests looking to move in.

Following that, you should thoroughly clean your house. If you don’t have the time to regularly clean your house, then consider investing in a cleaner once a week to help-out. The most important area to keep clean is your kitchen. Clearing up any food crumbs and waste is essential for keeping the creepy crawlies and scuttling nuisances away.

Regularly empty your trash

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Whenever there is waste food in your bin, you should endeavour to clear it out properly. Remove the waste food from your home if you wish to avoid pests coming in and attempting to feast on your scraps. Alternatively, you could look at getting a composter or a sealed bin at the very least.

Keep your home dry

Under the sink and in the bathroom is a cockroaches’ wet-dream. If you wish to avoid an intrusion, then you should endeavour to keep these areas clean and dry. Again, it might sound like a bit of a pain and you won’t always have time to do so, but it’s an effective way of keeping the pests away, that’s for certain.

Pest-proof your home by sealing them out

Remember that pests don’t just appear out of nowhere. First, they need to get into your home. Another of the important organic pest control tactics  is sealing them out in the first place. Look for any cracks in the skirting, your windows and so on. A wire mesh over an extractor fan won’t hinder its functionality but will certainly slow down the invaders.

That said, if you spot any holes in your skirting and walls, whether at home or in the office, then it could be that you have a rodent infestation already. In which case, it might be worth calling for expert rat control services. There are other tell-tale signs, such as claw marks, droppings and the smell of urine. If you notice any of these, then call for help immediately.

Rat’s in particular are notorious for spreading diseases, so if you’re in a commercial setting, or at home with your family, you need to rectify the issue immediately. Before anybody gets sick.

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