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Everybody loves enjoying their pool in the sunshine, particularly during the Summer when the weather gets ridiculously hot – though how well have you been taking care of it? Stick your head out the window and be honest with yourself, is your swimming pool looking a little worse for wear? If you’re not sure, read on for 5 signs to look out for and you’ll know whether or not it’s time to renovate your swimming pool!

swimming pool tile1 – Fading, Tearing or Staining

If the colour of your pools vinyl lining is starting to lose its colour, then it could be time to consider renovating. Particularly if you can notice any tears, staining or leaks. These issues can be a result of a number of different things, from careless use of the pool, unsanitary pool water conditions, excessive exposure to the sun and exposure to chemicals. The good news is however, that if you get on the case right away you can resolve these problems before they get worse and end up costing you more money.

2 – Deterioration

These signs are very easy to spot, from cracked or blistering surfaces or the appearance of rust. These signs of deterioration mean that it’s definitely time to consider having a complete renovation on your swimming pool. Half of the enjoyment that comes from swimming in a pool is its aesthetic appeal, and you’re certainly not going to enjoy it during the summer months if it’s slowly crumbling away.

swimming pool renovation3 – Inefficient Equipment

Have you noticed your energy bills rise over the years? It could have something to do with the quality and efficiency of your swimming pool equipment. Electrical components which are not only less effective, but less energy efficient too. There are many ways in which a renovation in beneficial for you and installing energy efficient equipment is just one of them!

  • Save on Energy Bills
  • More Efficient Equipment (faster heating etc)
  • Use fewer chemicals
  • Automated pool cleaning equipment etc

4 – Look Out for Hazards

It’s all too easy to allow your swimming pool to fall into disrepair, especially the area surrounding it. You should endeavour to keep an eye out for potential safety concerns, for the sake of yours and your family’s wellbeing. Things like loose tiles, broken safety covers over exposed suction areas and faulty electrical lighting are just a few of the problems which can cause serious injury – if you’re not entirely sure then you should get in contact with a company who could take a look at the general safety of your swimming pool for you.

swimming pool5 – The Area Surrounding Your Pool

Is your garden looking a bit tired in general as well? Well, if you’re going to revive your swimming pool, why not look into renovating your garden entirely? A bit of decking near the pool where you can place some sun loungers perhaps or filling the place up with some beautiful shrubbery and flower beds. Use this opportunity to breathe a little life back in your garden so that you can create a chill-space that you can be truly proud of- did someone say party?!