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Personal development is something everybody is looking to achieve ultimately and part of it is being a critical thinker. A free personal development course that offers a variety of training programs and seminars that are designed to empower you could help you evolve your personal development and find out how to start from scratch creating a thriving business doing what you love.

Most of us are well-aware of the benefits and significances of critical thinking skills.

How much have I benefited from critical thinking during my past 4 years of traveling and working experience overseas since age 17? (Of course, my critical thinking skills developed from the whole experience) Well I can tell you, without any doubt, I never found it difficult to settle down in a completely new country on the other side of the world thanks to being a critical thinker which allows me to get along and work with people from different cultural backgrounds, and never felt defeated and crushed when obstacles, such as failure of an application for a job and being passed over a promotion come.

Being able to master some essentials critical thinking skills could possibly help you become a better team player and land a dream job, and grant you a ticket towards success of career.

Being critically thinking means having a more creative mindset, a more rational mentality, and ability to reason and being a continuous learner.

How could you confirm if you are a critical thinker with all these desirable skills that lead to success nowadays?

You can find out your answer with these 6 signs you are a critical thinker.


1.    You have a variety sources of information

source of informationCritical thinkers do not only have one or couple of news sources, instead they have a handful of different kinds of sources because they believe any ideas and opinions are worth scrutiny and they are always open to absorb them and learn from them.


2.    Open yourself to change

changeThere is nothing in the world that stays still-everything is constantly moving. Critical thinkers are not afraid to change. Changes are always welcome by them just like fertilizer and fuel that they use to grow and flourish.


3.    Stay calm and rational when disagreement occurs

Being able to hold a calm and rational conversation with people on the other side of the spectrum is an obvious sign of a critical thinker. Even though it is probably unlikely for them to change their mind at the end of the discussion, they normally come away more thankful for the opportunity to learn about the thinking process of another person.


4.    You are fascinated by how things work

Critical thinkers are able to accept every way of how everything operates in this world regardless of the people with different skin color who complete it or the most fundamental theory or nature of it.


5.    You evolve as a person every single day

Critical thinkers wake up gratefully every day to another opportunity to ripen their mind. They swallow their ego and wear an outfit of modesty because their thirst for knowledge will never been deferred.

6.    You ask lots of questions

questionWhen critical thinkers ask many questions, it does not mean they are not confident in their answers. When they are tossing around discussions, it does not mean they are trying to implant you their ideas or prove you wrong and they are right. They are simply led by their childlike curiosity, and they cannot wait to learn as much as they can eagerly.

Did you see yourself think critically in these signs? Let us know in the comment section!

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