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Who doesn’t like to get out in the garden or spend your day outside? You can get some fresh air, enjoy the sun’s warmth on your face, and look out over your garden or outside area, soaking up the peace and beauty you can find here. There is just one issue – the sun. Too much sun is bad for your health, with harmful UV rays poised to strike at the first opportunity. 

Shade sails are an excellent way to protect yourself and your family from too much sun, but just how long will a shade sail last? And are they really worth having? Read on to find out…

What are the uses of shade sails?

Shade sails are made of a piece of material stretched between anchor points, forming a shade that resembles the sail of a ship. People have used fabric like this to provide shade for thousands of years, and the shade sails available now are better than ever. 

Instead of any old material strung up so you can sit under it, you can find custom shade sail solutions to suit any need and look that you want. You can choose shade sails that use only the best fabrics, and they can do far more than just create a shadow over you as you fertilize your garden.

Modern shade sails can be commonly found in many outdoor areas. These include:

  • Backyards
  • Patios
  • Balconies
  • Terraces
  • Swimming pools
  • Carports
  • Hot tubs
  • Conservatories
  • Children’s play areas
  • Schools
  • Festivals
  • Weddings
  • Restaurants and more.

Your shade sail can have many uses in many applications, from gardens to playgrounds to community pools. They look fantastic while providing many important uses. Shade sails can:

  • Block up to 98% of the sun’s harmful rays – some shades will provide a small amount of relief from the sun, but shade sails are specifically made and designed to block out almost all UV rays. This can help prevent skin cancer, sunstroke, and sunburn.
  • Protect your swimming pool – too much sun while swimming is certainly bad for you, but too much sun can also be bad for your pool. It can impact the chemicals, cause damage to the lining of your pool and more. Using a shade sail can prevent this damage while still letting you enjoy the feeling of swimming outdoors.
  • Protect your vehicles – shade sails make an excellent and relatively inexpensive car port, protecting your cars from the sun but also other types of weather.
  • Create a relaxing outdoor area – you can use a shade sail to define a certain area of your garden as a place to sit, unwind, eat, and do whatever you want. You may choose to cover a dining area, play area, or cosy spot to relax with a book. 
  • Make your garden more appealing – shade sails are beautiful, and with an impressive array of colours and styles, you can choose one that perfectly suits the look you are trying to achieve. Shade sails are aesthetically pleasing, both to you and to potential future property buyers as well.
  • Keep your outside areas cooler – not only do shade sails block the UV rays from the sun, but they also keep your garden feeling cooler. A shade sail can actually lower the temperature in your garden, while also letting a pleasant breeze flow through. In this way, they are far superior to a properly covered area, giving you the best of the outside without the downsides.
  • Withstand a number of weather conditions – as well as preventing sun damage, shade sails can also be effective at keeping out rain and even wind. You can choose to buy a waterproof shade sail so you can sit out and enjoy your garden even in less-than-perfect weather.
restaurant terrace seashore and a ray of sun through the awning

Are shade sails ok in high wind?

A common misconception that many people have is that shade sails are only good for combating the sun and that they cannot withstand high winds. That is not true. While certain, cheaper, lower-quality shade sails may be damaged by high winds, a correctly installed, high-quality shade sail will usually be fine.

Shade sails are designed in such a way that the material is tensioned between anchor points. This tension forces the shade sail into the iconic shape that they are known for. This also makes them more resistant to wind damage. The tension holds the shade sail in place, and none but the strongest winds should manage to impact this.

A poorly installed shade sail may be less resistant to wind, flapping about without the proper tension to hold it in place. A correctly and professionally installed shade sail will hold a solid shape that also won’t cause too much wind resistance, so winds won’t cause it harm.

If you are in an area that experiences high levels of wind throughout the year, you may be better off looking at a custom shade sail that is made to be ok in high winds. While most shade sails will be fine when it is windy, choosing a custom shade sail will guarantee that yours remains sturdy and unshakeable during high winds. A perfectly installed, high-quality shade sail will be unmoved by almost any wind.

Colored beach shade sail against blue sky in summer day

How long does a shade sail last?

Shade sails are an investment, a beautiful addition to your outside area providing many helpful uses as well as making your garden more appealing to the eye. While they may cost more than a temporary shade, they also last much longer. A well-taken care-of shade sail can last upwards of 10 years, providing you with years of use and protection. 

As long as you avoid too many shade sail mistakes, your shade sail should last a minimum of 5 years. You should always check the warranty when you buy a shade sail to be sure, that a properly installed, high-quality shade sail should last and last.

Final thoughts

Shade sails have a great many uses, protecting your garden, swimming pool, car, and family from the effects of the sun and other types of weather. The right custom-made shade sail can deal with high winds and rain, and as long as it is installed correctly, should last for upwards of 10 years. 

If you are looking for a feature for your garden that also offers impressive protection, look no further than a shade sail.