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Here at The Disindoctrination Podcast we tend to use certain terms or lingo that some listeners may not understand. This is a “live” (growing) list and some of which you may have heard from our hommies over at Freedom Feens. In the event that you hear us use a term that you don’t understand, please let us know in the comment section so we can add it here.

Anarchist – This term is usually followed by thoughts of mohawks and moltov cocktails being sent through windows, with riots in the streets. Really it just implies that one does not want to be governed by any other individual or group of individuals. ie. the government.

Agora- Originally the term used for the “open marketplace” in Ancient Greece.

Agorism- The ideology which asserts that the libertarian philosophical position occurs in the real world in practice as Counter-Economics.

Agorist- advocate or conscious practitioner of Counter-Economics.

Counter-Economics- the study and/or practice of all peaceful human action which is forbidden by the State.

Constitution Humper – Someone who thinks the Constitution of the United States is handed down from God and is infallible. Also anyone who thinks that documents grant rights. Both ideas ignore the fact that the Constitution allows government, taxation, tyranny, and is a social contract that you did not sign.

FedGoons – Any armed federal agent who oppresses people for violating nanny laws. Also known as “FLEAs” (Federal Law Enforcement Agents).

Horizontal Enforcement – The way that square, statist citizens help perpetuate the State and its nanny laws by their attitudes and words. Similar to “vertical enforcement” only, upheld by citizens. Commonly seen on juries where people vote guilty and want the judge to “throw the book” at people who violate nanny laws.

libertarian – The opposite of an authoritarian. A person who thinks people should be able to do whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t initiate aggression on anyone else. Garrett and Kevin are libertarians. They are “little-L libertarians”, i.e. not members of the Libertarian Party.

LibPar (pronounced “lib pair”) – Michael’s term for “Libertarian Paradise”, i.e. how Michael and Neema (Freedom Feens) wish the world was, and hope it will be one day. Garrett and Kevin have been using this term since thet first heard it on Freedom Feens.

Minarchist – Someone who is almost an anarchist but would consider a tiny amount of government, probably to only cover interstate highways and a defensive-only military.

Nanny Law – Any law that doesn’t protect anyone from anything, and only oppresses people. Examples include: drug laws, anti-gay marriage laws, gun magazine round limits, seat belt and helmet laws, raw milk confiscations, the Gibson guitar confiscations, and overt regulation of any kind.

Neo-Con – Neo-Conservative. A Republican who claims to be for small government, but wants to increase the size of the government for the things he thinks need it. Also the Republican citizens who support such candidates and believe their bull.

Non-Aggression Principle or NAP (also called “Non-Aggression Axiom”) – The basis of libertarianism, voluntaryism and true anarchism, and the only ethical way to live. Living by the non-aggression principle means you live your life in a way that does not coerce, steal from or harm anyone. Many people participate in coercion, even if not by their own hand, but by voting for “representatives” and cops to do it for them, and perpetuating that system through horizontal enforcement. Self-defense, even including violence, to stop someone from initiating aggression on you or others, is not a violation of the Non-Aggression Principle.

Statist – Person who worships The State (the government, any government) and/or the idea of government…People who, out of ignorance or bitterness or fear or not knowing better, support The State and its violence. All Democrats AND Republicans are statists.

The State – The government, any government.

Voluntaryist- A person who practices voluntaryism, i.e. one who believes in only having interactions that are voluntary. Closely related to anarchist and libertarian, though some libertarians still vote, and a voluntaryist does not, as it is participating in a non-voluntary system (politics).

Worms – Word, i.e. “I agree” or “you speak the truth, brother.” “Worms” was coined by Dave Immerglück (currently in the band Counting Crows), a guitar player who played in Michael W Dean’s old band Slish. Garrett and Kevin have replaced “word” with “worms”. It’s more fun.