Initially Garrett Fox and Kevin Sanchez simply had a lot of deep conversations about liberty and what it really is. The discussions always led into heavy topics like the politics, society, religion and authority, amongst other things. But it always seemed to come back to the public education system. A term we often use for that is “Public Indoctrination Centers”. As soon as the issues became more focused and conversations started getting recorded, it spawned into The Disindoctrination Podcast.


Garrett Fox is a former skater/punk kid who never grew out of his disdain for authority and the fact that words on paper are only that. They don’t grant extra rights and powers to anyone. Yet he’s still trapped in the “real world” with everyone else. Always having an urge to discuss art, music, technology and all the holes in the walls, it was only natural for him to verbally point a finger at them and put it on the internet. He now lives back in his home town, in Maryland and works constantly on The Disindoctrination Podcast.

Kevin Sanchez moved to “the states ” in 1994 with his parents from Amberg, Germany. Coming to America he often wondered what “the land of the free” meant, exactly. Questions of liberty and tyranny soon arose and that led him to the core of the problem. That it all starts at a young age in the indoctrination centers. Now he’s on a quest to reverse that effects of those institutions. He intends to document it and share the transition with others, via The Disindoctrination Podcast.