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You must be thinking “how hard can it be?” Well, sometimes it has nothing to do with your skills and ability, or even the cost to repair something at home, on the contrary, it has everything to do with safety. Yes, there are plenty of repairs you can do yourself at home, and God gives you 2 hands, why not use them? Fixing things at home will not only save you bucks for hiring contractors, but also provide you something to brag about on Facebook and makes you feel like a badass. If you perform with care, it would be find doing it yourself. However, there are certain kinds of repairs you should never do yourself because it jeopardizes your safety and life if not handled with caution properly. Read on to find out before start putting your hands on the repairs!

1. Plumbing Repairs

PlumbingThere is a saying about water—if there is a way out, water will find it. Not difficult to detect a plumbing issue but even the smallest leak can lead to thousands of dollars’ worth of damages if it is not fixed on time. How hard can it be? If you are a passionate and capable DIYer, I believe there is no danger to change a shower head or replacing a faucet. But when it comes to modifying your plumbing system, you should hire professionals to do it. Tasks like extending hot water lines and re-routing your sewer pipes should be handled professionally by contractors. Just imagine this, an overflowing toilet or a flooded bathroom, not fun right? If you choose to save a small amount of cost of hiring a professional and do it yourself, it might end up getting your whole house jeopardized, which could cost thousands of dollars in the end.

2. Electrical Repairs

Electrical RepairsElectricity is something that could potentially kill you, so you don’t want to mess with it. There may be minor repairs you can pull off as a capable DIYer, such as changing light bulbs and switch, and installing a ceiling fan. You should make sure the power is turned off before you put your hands on anything involving electricity. It is strongly recommended to get electricians to handle electrical issues because one wrong move could cause your house burnt down, and an electrical shock could result in serious injury or death. Even if emergency electrical issues occur, don’t try to do it yourself just because it is urgent and inconvenient to call an electrician. Just a head up, there are 24 hour electricians in every big cities around the globe.

3. Gas Appliances Repairs

If there are still gas appliances in your home, you should think twice before you land your hands to fix something run on gas. Like water, gas will always find a leak. So if a gas repairs are not handled properly, gas leaking is difficult to be reversed and it could lead to accidental carbon monoxide. However, it is not always the case of danger when dealing with gas. Sometimes, contractors aren’t necessary when you just want to move the stove because of a floor tiling project, or to remove a dryer away from a wall that needs painting. You should hire professionals though for most major gas related tasks.