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When thinking about getting plantation shutters for your house there are many things to consider, and it can be tricky to know quite where to start. From materials to styles to costs there are shutters to suit all homes and homeowners, and here we take a look at the difference between interior and exterior shutters and their respective costs to help you find the right fit for you.

What are interior plantation shutters?

To get the obvious out of the way, interior plantation shutters are for the interior of your house. They go inside and exterior shutters go out. There are many positives to interior shutters; they come in all kinds of materials, colours and styles to suit any kind of décor and they are easy to reach and clean. While they can be made of PVC or several different varieties of timber, the most popular is basswood plantation shutters for inside your home. 

Basswood is particularly good for its strength-to-weight ratio reducing the likelihood of warping or sagging and looking great too.

These wooden shutters can be painted to match any furnishings or left to showcase the wood’s natural grains and colours, and can even be shaped into arches or however, you would like to best go with your rooms. They are easier to maintain than exterior shutters but the latter have their own benefits as well.

What are exterior plantation shutters?

Exterior plantation shutters, as we have stated above, belong on the outside of your house. These are very much the traditional shutters that you picture when you think of the American South, improving the aesthetic of your house, adding a touch of class and even increasing its value. 

They are not only nice to look at though, offering added security and defence against extreme weather. They can help protect your windows from storm damage or strong winds and all while adding personality to your home. 

Again they can be made from several materials including wood and PVC. One great option for people is to use aluminium plantation shutters for outdoors, as they offer durability and longevity in this more exposed environment. They can give your house a real makeover and entirely change how it looks both to others and to you, at the same time giving you greater security and protection, a win-win. 

How much do interior plantation shutters cost? 

While it is generally agreed that interior plantation shutters are not the cheapest option for your windows, there are many options available from less expensive to more depending on what you want for your rooms. 

Wood is usually the most expensive and can cost you several thousand to do the whole house, but it can also be shaped how you would like, offers warmth to your room both aesthetically and temperature-wise keeping the heat in (or out when it’s hot outside) and is the more traditional way to go. 

PVC and other materials are cheaper, up to a third less in some cases, and still, look great. They can also have added benefits when it comes to moisture-rich rooms like the bathroom and kitchen and keeps out unwanted prying eyes and termites making it a sound investment. 

How much do exterior plantation shutters cost?

Similarly, exterior plantation shutters vary in price depending on materials, size and if they are custom made. Exterior shutters could set you back anything from less than $100 to several hundred per window so have a good think about what you want and need. 

They do however add value to your house through their appeal, longevity and how they give your home a facelift as well as saving you money as a good insulator. Keeping this in mind, the outright cost of these shutters can actually look like less in the long run.


Whether you are looking for interior shutters to enhance your inside décor, gain more privacy and improve the light conditions, or you are looking for exterior shutters to add value to your house, gain protection from the weather and security at the same time, there are a great many options to choose from. 

Make sure you think about the types of materials and what you are looking to get out of your shutters before you buy and you should also be able to find something in the price range for you. Happy shopping!