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The significance and the importance of teamwork are getting more and more recognized nowadays regardless if it is a small team of 5 or a multinational collaboration. It is also considered as one of the key factors to encourage team spirit and increase engagement, productivity and efficiency. However, while there are more and more companies participating in building a team working community, some companies think that it is a waste of resource, time and money as it is seen as a non-necessity.

There are a number of major advantages of high-level teamwork. Some of them include:

  • Ice breaking activities to know each other better including strengths and weakness
  • Improve communication
  • Boost team’s spirit and morale
  • Improve team members’ creativity

Many leaders of companies are well-aware of the effects teamwork brings and they set regular team outings and competitions as one of their priorities in management. Not only team members will be back to work, motivated and relaxed, but also with increased morale with the common goals in mind by taking note of rewarding teamwork policy.

Here are 4 excellent ideas to encourage team spirit and boost teamwork and some of them are personally experimented in companies that I have worked for and they have helped us build a happier, more cheerful and comfortable work environment with some increasing our work efficiency by more than 50 percent.

1.    Going out for movies together

Movie TicketI have not known anyone who does not enjoy watching movies as a way to relax and take their mind off work for a little while. That makes going to the movies one of the great ways to boost teamwork. A movie that every team member likes could create a common topic over something that they have done together.

This is what happened to me personally, I worked in a small start-up team of 4 and the work environment drastically changed and became more joyful and delighted after having a night out involved dinner and movie. At the end of the month, our sales went up by $500. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

2.    Holding regular contests, competitions and make sure there are rewards

A chance at winning a competition creates excitement and a buzz at workplace. People like to get recognized and awarded. A competition can drive a team’s motivation and boost their engagement. Try not to only have a winner, instead have multiple winners for different categories.

While The Olympic Games acknowledges the value of the recognition and reward and gives expensive and pricey trophies to winner athletes, you do not have to consider purchasing any forms of costly and fancy rewards for the winners in your competition or contest like them. The point of a reward is not about how much it is worth but about its effects to improve confidence and work ethic, so you can consider buying cheap trophies as rewards. There is a very reasonably-priced and reliable engraving company that offers a comprehensive, customized engraving services for your needs.

3.    Arrange fitness and sports activities

Sport activities not only can help your team live an active and a healthier lifestyle, but also encourage and cultivate team spirit within the company. Management team can set aside a few hours every week or 2 for team sports activities like rock-climbing, hiking, camping, yoga or other similar activities, and a little prize for the best team or the winner like $20 vouchers for lunch or dinner could be encouraging too. This can get employees out of their chairs and move.

4.    Do team seasonal outings

Take advantages of different seasons associated with the weather and temperature and take your employees out on a social outing to increase the team engagement. This ensures that employees have diversely extensive work-life balance, which company can benefit from ultimately.

Here are some seasonal outing examples for your team:

  • Enjoy the spring breeze by going for a hike at the cliffs or up the mountains
  • Taking a relaxing sun-tanning day on the beach during summer
  • Visiting beautiful and floral botanic garden during autumn
  • Going for ice-skating or a ski during winter

A fun road trip to a destination outside of the city can be done at any season during the weekends, which is by far my favourite thing to do with friends and families as it is a wonderful way to level-up the connections.

Overall, fantastic ideas for teamwork boost are not limited to what was mentioned above. Any social and team-interactive activities that help the team grow and communicate better could just carry out the same effects.

What is more, planning as a team before an activity is also an essential part that provides another opportunity for the team to communicate more effectively.

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