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These days, plenty of couples have already travelled together before they get married, so honeymoon would not be their first time travelling together. But it is still their sweetest period because a honeymoon is the first holiday for newlywed couples. You and your other half might have been too busy with your own career, and you both have probably been stressed and worn out from planning the wedding. Have you had enough of wanting to go on a holiday with your significant other but you both can’t find time off at the same time? Now, you finally have an excuse to go on an exotic holiday or a ski holiday without feeling guilty with work or pressured from families and friends.

Even though you might have travelled with your partner before, a honeymoon would still be different. Otherwise how can it be called honeymoon? It is supposed to be sweet, loving, wonderful and romantic. We have 4 quick tips for you to make your honeymoon so special and memorable that both you and your partner will remember and cherish for the rest of your lives.

1. Choose a Location

LocationFirst thing first, destination is where your honeymoon starts and ends. Talk to your partner about what you want this honeymoon to be like. An exotic holiday relaxing on the beach? A ski holiday where you can do something sporty and fun? A cultural trip to some culture-rich countries you have never been before? No matter what it is going to be like, the most important thing is to talk it out to your partner and pick a location that you both like, because you need to understand you are not going to agree on everything, and both of you want to give each other the most romantic holiday ever.

2. Pick a Great Accommodation

If you have set aside a good portion of saving for honeymoon, time to reward yourself you have found the love of your life and treat your partner by booking a luxury accommodation. Either a beachside resort, a 5 star ski village, or a luxury hotel suites in a hustle and bustle city over the city view, is a key element in a honeymoon. A great accommodation assures that both of you will enjoy and relax to max, and come back home more in love and re-energized.

3. Plan Surprises

Plan-SurprisesHoneymoon is one of the best times in your life when you are free, guilty-free and in love. Make the most out of it by being extra romantic, even if you are not the romantic type. You don’t need another well-planned surprising proposal for your other half, all you need is little sweet things that show him/her you really care. For example, pick a restaurant that has your partner’s favorite steak, and place some chocolate or little notes to remind how grateful you are to have her/him.

4. Shut Everything Out

Honeymoon is 2-person time that belongs to you and your other half. You can really feel and enjoy the other person’s company by saying goodbye to all the distractions and stress. Disconnect yourself from work and social media and just immerse yourself in the arms and the love of your partner.