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A decade ago, retirement was more defined. You finished your last day of work, collected your gold watch and headed to a scheduled community in a warmer place.

Not only are elders themselves paying more attention to pick a right place for retirement, but also their grown-up children are concerned if their parents are picking the best place.

Some children would recommend their parents to stay in their own house when they retire for the reason that some elders have difficulty settling down in a place or location, while others would like their parents to move into a retirement village with other like-minded retirees where everything is taken care of.

Either way, elders nowadays have more independency towards picking the best place for themselves, and not being completely influenced by families or the society anymore.

If you are someone looking into a suitable place for golden years where you can finally head to the beach and golf course whenever you want, please don’t attach yourself too much to blog posts like “top 4 best place to retire” because people online love reading and blogging about rankings.

They are not necessarily the right information that leads you to the best decision. I have listed 6 factors you should consider when choosing a right place for retirement.

1.   Seek Lower Costs

When choosing a right place to retire, you need to look at all factors, because you are no longer getting a stable income. One option is to sell your house in an expensive city and move to a place where housing costs lesser, and you can use that influx of cash to improve your lifestyle.

Also, it is a great idea to downsize the place you will be living in so that you are able to spend less time to maintain the house and another reason is that it is easier to get from one your bedroom to the kitchen in a smaller house.


2.   Make Friends in the Area You are considering

Talk to people in the area you are considering moving to and make friends with them when visiting. People in a place significantly influences your opinions about the place. People usually love a place more when they love the people as well as being able to get along with them.

It would also be an easier settlement if you already have friends there. What’s more, it is always a smart move to gather opinions of the residents in that area, which helps you make a better decision.

3.   Availability of Good Medical Care and Cost of Insurance

Make sure to check if good medical care is available in the area you are considering to move to as well as the cost of insurance, especially if you are moving overseas.

Your immunity to illnesses and diseases will be lowered as you grow older and it is a great idea to move to a location with good healthcare system.

4.   Distance from Family

Consider the distance away from your family when choosing a place to retire. How far are you willing to be from your children and grandchildren, and how often will you go visit them, how difficult and expensive is it for you to travel to them?

If you want to do more traveling after retirement, you would want to pick a city with an international airport.