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When it comes to the Tree removal industry, there is a big misconception regarding the tree removals and tree lopping services. Generally, people consider both these terms as the synonyms of one another. This is just untrue. There is a big difference in the meaning of both these terms and it could be very surprising to you.

More on Tree Lopping
Tree lopping, which is also called as hat-racking or lopping is basically the process in which the entire top half of the tree is removed or the main stem of the tree is removed.

Lopping used to be a general practice in the tree industry earlier in 1983 due to lack of training, standards and certifications.

Later, as the updated and modern processes came up, they now comprise of crosscutting the major stems or the leaders and then leave behind the rest of the tree as it is.

The issue with this lopping is that it is going to leave a big malformed stub where the crosscutting is going to take place and leaves the tree very much vulnerable to an entire spectrum of issues.

They, therefore, become very much susceptible to internal decay, pathogen intrusion, pest penetration, and relentless but weakly jointed re-growth.

More on Tree Removals
Nevertheless, tree removals are all about removing the tree completely. Tree felling is simply the accurate synonym considering the term tree removals.

The process of tree removal varies based on the amount of space needed to drop the tree, the tree size, if there are any power lines nearby, and obviously the arborist’s preference.

The best way to remove the tree is to cut it properly at the base, and then cut it down into pieces after it has fallen onto the ground, and then properly dispose it all.

On the other hand, in the commercial and residential areas, the piece-by-piece approach is followed and is generally employed to reduce the risks of damaged being done to the nearby infrastructure and buildings.

Understand the Difference Between Tree Lopping and Removal
The aforementioned differences surely describe the different terms and how they perform different works, so why do tend to utilize these terms interchangeably?

The primary reason behind this confusion is a lack of knowledge and understanding on this aspect and that the term as tree lopping has been entrenched into people’s vocabularies through ritual.

So, now if you consider having a tree pruned or removed, you need to ensure that you do not ask for it to be lopped. You perhaps will wind up with a disfigured tree that dies due to decay, pests or diseases. Best be sure to contact a professional tree services provider like AB Trees, a true certified arborist will be able to point you in the right direction, giving you the best advice to maintain your trees properly.