Of course, the overall results that a manager or business owner delivers will determine their success, however winning the hearts of their employees is crucial in this outcome as well. Naturally, happy employees who trust and are inspired by their leaders are going to perform better, thus creating better results for everyone involved.

If you want to be a great leader and you’d like to inspire your team to work harder and to look up to you; then there are a number of different things that you can do. Some people are natural leaders and can inspire motivation with very little effort. Other people are not so gifted and have to work much harder to win the trust and confidence of their employees. In any case, we’re going to explore some of the things that you can do to motivate, incentivise and ultimately inspire your employees to work better with and for you.

management  1 – Incentivise with an Event

Team building, or employee focused events are an amazing way to not only bring them together and inspire team building, but to make them feel more satisfied with their position. If you are interested in exploring such an option, Funktionality can help incentivise your staff.

By putting on an exciting event, you can bring everyone together in celebration, host some fun and challenging team building exercises (perfect for promoting a bit of healthy competition amongst team members) and hand out hard-earned prizes to certain individuals who have been outperforming others.

This kind of recognition will not only boost morale, but their overall respect for you as a leader. Its nice to feel valued and it’s even better when you’re rewarded for your loyalty and hard work.

2 – Show Your Trust Through Delegation

While we’re all incredibly complicated creatures, individually, – at our core we’re quite easy to figure out. If you want someone to trust and like you, the best way to gain their trust is by demonstrating that you have faith in them.

If there are certain members of your team who have demonstrated their competence, you can reward them by assigning them additional responsibilities. Some people might see this as just ‘more work to do’ and feel as though they’re being punished. However, if you approach it properly and suggest that you need their help and that they’re perfect for the task, they’ll feel more obliged to rise to the challenge.

Staff3 – Investing in Your Staff

Again, all we want is to feel valued and appreciated. Hold regular one-to-one meetings with your employees and find out how their coping with their role, where they aim to be and whether or not there is anything that you can do to help them get there. You can offer mentoring, coaching and additional training to those who want to better themselves. This kind of care and investment shows that you want them to succeed which will indeed, inspire them to do so.

4 – Value Their Opinion

Everyone has a voice and its nice when people take the time to hear what we have to say. Understand that your employees have a right to offer their input as well and you might be surprised by some of the ideas that they can come up with. Try to involve more of your staff in decision making! Naturally, there are many things which will be above their paygrade, though for certain things which will affect them directly, their feedback will likely be more valuable than you might think.

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