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No one should ever be forced to drive in their car without the pleasure of listening to their own music. Certainly, there are many decent radio stations out there, which can bring you some great music, however often it’s best to listen to exactly what you want, whenever you want. So, let’s take a look at some ways to play music in car from your phone. Regardless to how old your car is, we’ll be able to find a way around it!

radio system1 – Old vehicles with cassette player/stereo combo

If you don’t have a cigarette lighter in your car, or the port doesn’t work; then you’re going to have to roll with the ol’ cassette adapter method. Now, this isn’t the best when it comes to sound quality, however it works. This means that you will be able to listen to your own music, through your phone.

It’s simple really. You order a cassette adaptor, with an AUX cable that plugs directly into your phone. Having an AUX cable sticking out of the dash isn’t ideal; but neither is driving in silence so…

2 – Bluetooth FM transmitter

This is the universal option that will work in pretty much any case (provided that you have a cigarette lighter / power port). Now, the set-up will vary depending on the Bluetooth FM transmitter device that you opt for however, the principle is simple: Plus the adaptor into the power port, connect to your phone via Bluetooth, find an unused FM frequency and play your music through the radio, from your phone. Sorted.

3 – Through an Auxiliary cable

This is the best option for the most reliable audio quality. If your car or stereo has an auxiliary port (which can be found in pretty much any fairly newer vehicles), then you simply plug an AUX cable into the port and then into your phone. Following that, you navigate the car’s head unit, select the AUX option and then boom: you’re off to the races.

4 – Via Bluetooth

Most newer cars will have a Bluetooth option in them. So, you can connect your phone to the car/sync your address book and so on. Most of them will even have a voice command option which is convenient. Hands-free calls and ease of streaming are the benefits, however, the audio quality from an AUX connection is typically superior. Just find your groove and decide which suits you the best.

5 – USB / Mp3 player

Most standard car stereos will have a USB port connection. So, if you’d rather not play through your phone (or don’t have a new enough phone to do so) then you can always opt for the classic Mp3 / USB option. Simply add your favourite audio files onto your device, plug it into the USB port on your stereo in your car and then play away. Simples.