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When it comes to choosing a venue for a corporate event, there is much that you must consider before making your final decision. The planning process is something which requires careful consideration if you are to pull off the most successful event. Otherwise, you’re simply wasting your time.

First of all, determine the purpose of your corporate event. What are you trying to achieve? Is it a corporate training event? A client ‘meet and greet’? Are you celebrating the end of year achievements? Whatever the case, choosing a venue for a corporate event is arguably one of the most important factors.

Corporate Event1 – What’s included in the price?

When shopping around, you must compile a list of various venues and what is included within the price to hire the space. Some venues will come with distinct features and benefits that might be useful for one type of event, though lost on another. Again, this is why you must be clear on the purpose of the event and what you are trying to achieve, in order to make a well-informed decision.

2 – Space, layout and aesthetic features

You must pay close attention to the space and layout of a given venue before going ahead. This is why it is always wise to go in and explore a venue personally, before giving the go ahead. If you rush into hiring a venue for a training event for example, you’ll be kicking yourself if it turns out to be a rather cramped and ill-functioning space.

You should also pay close attention to the aesthetics. How is the space decorated? If you’re hosting a corporate training event you want a clean and open space, preferably with some plants in there to oxygenate the room and inspire clearer thinking. What you don’t want is a seemingly cluttered venue with ‘loud’ features and distracting art littered throughout. Again, it’s all very much down to the purpose of your event.

3 – Location and accessibility

In order to get the best attendance, you’ll want to hire a venue that is relatively central, with ample parking and ease of accessibility. As beautiful as a venue might be, it’s no good if many of your attendees get lost on the way or struggle to park when they arrive. Location is incredibly important, so pay close attention to that and gather as much information as you can prior to going ahead.


4 – Services & amenities

The key to a successful corporate event is hiring a venue which offers quality services and plenty of local amenities. Do not assume that every venue will offer the same level of service. You must shop around and do your research.


There is more to it, however these are the most important factors to consider before going ahead. All that being said; if you’re not confident in finding the perfect venue and would like some assistance, we would recommend hiring a reputable company such as Funktionality to assist you. Any decent events management company worth their salt will have access to a wealth of venues, with favourable prices and preferably vendors.