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A 21st-century office is a hub where ideas are developed. After all, it is the age of ideas and this is where your job as an employer comes; to develop a workplace that promotes out of the box thinking. We have a bundle of amazing interior design tips for your office that can induce creativity and productivity. A few are listed below:


office colorFor centuries, colours have been associated with certain characteristics. We’re sure that your office currently runs on a neutral colour scheme. However, neutral colour schemes are a thing of the past. The time has changed, and interior designers often recommend choosing colours that can increase productivity. Blue is one of them, which is known to increase productivity. Also, a combination of orange and red are known to boost energy levels. Try adding a few colour patterns in your office, it can make a huge difference in terms of productivity as well as visual appeal.

Antique reproduction office desks

antique officeAn amazing idea to turn things around in your office can be adding antique reproduction office desks. We suggest to start with a single piece of this antique desk and work around the overall scheme of your office. The best part of this item is that it brings in a classic touch in your office. You know what can even look better? Antique desks placed in a postmodern looking office surrounding. The best way to make things better in terms of productivity for your employees and yourself is to blend in things a little.

You can search for unique furniture at an antique reproduction shop where they provide amazing and high standard antique reproduction office desks which can totally change the outlook of your office.

Recreation Room

office recreation roomA recreation room is an utmost important factor that all employees need. You need to have a place where your employees can relax after they’ve seen a few tough hours of work. A recreational room shouldn’t just be a room but it needs to have items such as comfortable sofas and a few bean bags. The colour scheme should be green so that they can relax and get back their energy levels.


office lightLights create an impact that can either make or break your workforce. Appropriate lighting is a must if you’re looking to increase the productivity of your workforce. Hence, it becomes very important that lighting is done on all levels. Make sure to let sunlight in as natural light will not only save you on your electricity bills but it is also good for the overall environment.