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Civil Celebrant

When choosing your civil celebrant for your big wedding day, you have to make sure that they are on the same page as you and that you are able to connect with them on a personal level. Also, you have to ensure that your civil celebrant is able to make you, your partner and your guests love every moment and while putting you at ease so you are able to truly enjoy the day.

Here are some questions that you should ask your civil celebrant and the answers they give you should be able to help you ensure that you are choosing the right civil celebrant.

Question 1 – What kind of insurance do you have?

This question is to let you have a peace of mind as well as a sense of security in case of any accidents. They should be in possession of a public liability and professional indemnity insurance. The public liability insurance will cover for any damage when carrying out your wedding ceremony. This is important considering that you are already paying a lot of money to set up your special day, the last thing you should pay for is a list of injury bills. The professional indemnity insurance will cover legal costs and expenses in defending a claim which involves providing inadequate advice, service or designs to client. This will cover any loss of documentations, professional negligence and loss of goods or money.

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Question 2 – Check if they will be able to let you check your ceremonial wording well before the wedding date.

It is important that you will need to check the wording of your ceremonial before your wedding day. If possible, as early as possible so that you will be able to focus on more important things just before your wedding day. Why this is important? When you’re weeks before your wedding, most things are already finalized and you will most likely be tired and you will not be able to focus on detailed things like the wordings for the ceremony. This is why you will need to proofread and check your ceremonial wording well before your wedding day.

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Question 3 – In an event that you’re sick or are unable to be at the wedding, will there be another celebrant that can stand in your place?

It is important that they have a backup celebrant in case of any unforeseen events. If there is no celebrant, there will be no wedding. So be sure to check with your celebrant.

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Question 4 – What outfit will you wear on the day of the wedding?

This may seem like a silly question but it is not. It is important to match your celebrant’s outfit. The theme and color of the wedding should all suit and complement each other. Imagine standing in front of the crowd with an outfit that clashes with each other, it will destroy months of planning. So do remember asking this question before you start planning for the wedding.