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In recent years, due to the rise of the internet and social media in general, much business is now done over the web and in addition to creating yourself a sleek and professional looking website it is now possible to source business directly from the internet. You have no doubt heard about various different ways that you can acquire business through the use of online marketing but many advertisers seem to forget the human element behind what they are doing and will underestimate the value of pure business networking and this is where social media sites come in top. Specifically made for business networking and employment, LinkedIn has become a much loved tool used by companies all over the world.

The secret to LinkedIn’s success on the web is that it is specifically geared towards strictly professional networking as opposed to sites like Facebo0ok and Twitter, which are geared towards a more personal networking and connecting with friends. With 380 million members from all across the globe it can be a great way to propel your business to new heights both locally and internationally with your reach going from a handful of faithful clients who value your business to taking in orders and consultations from people from all across the world! So let’s take a look at some of the more important facets of building your profile.

Your Summary

This section is without a doubt one of the most important parts of your whole profile. When people click on you they want to be able to see a clear description of exactly who you are, what it is that you do and who you have worked for previously. Now while there are specific sections for listing your previous employment history and qualifications they don’t offer you the same kind of freedom that this section does to really impart your professionalism and to paint a favorable picture of yourself. It also gives you a great opportunity to talk about your job or company and what you are doing now, making the summary part of your general pitch to customers.

Another way to liven up your summary is to list off some of your greatest achievements in order to establish your credibility and to display the variety of skills and potential actions you could carry out for a company in the future. You should also try to include a personal and human element to your summary and it will be one of the few opportunities to let your personality shine through in the appropriate way, and many people entitle this section with “what’s not in my resume” and include some good high res photographs along with some infographics and call to action to direct them to your products or services.

Your profile picture

Job Requirement

Now they say that you can paint a picture with words however a picture also speaks 1000 words and particularly when it comes to business transactions a large proportion of how you will be judged and assessed for your credibility will be through how you present yourself. And to do this you will need yourself a polished and professional looking photograph that conveys this air of experience. Using LinkedIn Headshots for networking is one of the main purposes of having this photograph as it is always a bonus to be able to picture the person you will be working with moving forward and to be able in a sense to trust them fully, after all we are primed to be more trusting of somebody who we have a clear memory of.

Due to the importance of this photograph you really need to choose wisely in order to find the most appropriate shot to use, for representing yourself, generally a headshot, with a warm but neutral smile on your face whilst you are wearing professional attire should be sufficient. You really should never use and kind of beauty shot unless of course you are a model or working in a similar field where it would be relevant. Many people these days realize the value in having a professional headshot not just for LinkedIn but for a variety of different professional applications and it’s not hard these days to find professionals who will offer to take your photograph for you for a fee of course. However it is recommended that you find a professional photographer to take the perfect shot, please click the following link for more information on finding a trustworthy corporate photographer.