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In today’s hi-tech digital world there is always a temptation to disregard the services of the professional and go it alone. There’s an app for almost everything, and this can lead us all into the false reality that some of the more traditional services are no longer required.  One particular pitfall is when people believe they don’t need to use a professional translation service. This is understandable as the claims made by translation software providers are difficult to dismiss. Why would anyone pay for a professional service when there are free or low cost alternatives?

However, on closer inspection one can see some of the shortcomings of these translation utilities. There are certainly occasions when a translation software is useful, but when more sophisticated translation services are required a generic word translator may leave the user confused.  And, more importantly, when dealing with sensitive or legal documentation, a simplistic word-for-word convertor will surely lead to ambiguity and misunderstanding.

Industries such as healthcare and engineering, or legal and government bodies, will always need a precise degree of interpretation. Professional translation services offers a comprehensive translation service in many languages. They have personnel on hand who can specialize in any one of several industries. This is a very valuable all-in-one solution for any business which has to deal with international clients. To be able to rely on a third party for such services allows a business to form in-depth, lasting relationships with customers from around the globe. Also, if legal details are transparent between two organizations, a degree of trust and good will can be founded which inevitably leads to stronger cooperation and opportunities for an increase in trade.

translationThere are some things to look out for before using a translation service: If a business specifically requires legal or medical translation it would be prudent to only use a company which has a team of registered professionals in those respective fields. Also, there are certifications and insurances which must be in place before a firm can handle sensitive medical and legal information.  For example, in Australia, experienced NAATI certified and accredited translators should be used to ensure medical terminology is converted precisely, and by working in conjunction with NAATI certified translators can provide high quality conversions for Australian businesses.

Finally, possibly the greatest advantage in using a translation company is that businesses will be dealing face-to-face with each other. This is invaluable in error prevention. The option to call a project handler and discuss in detail the parameters of the translation, and fully explain some of the nuances which may arise in the text, is something which software translation programmes cannot compete with.  For some time to come the capacity to offer a comprehensive translation service will rest with companies who can give clients a comprehensive service which includes human contact and the ability to use critical thinking during a conversion.  The limitations of translation software are still some time away from being able to function with such accuracy.