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Whether you’re looking to propose to your girlfriend, you’ve got a close friends birthday coming up or you simply fancy treating someone that you love to an incredible gift that they can cherish forever, handmade jewellery is definitely the way forward. In fact, in this article we are going to explore the 5 main reasons why handmade jewellery makes the best gifts!

jewerly handmade1 – Handmade Jewellery is Rare 

Think about it, having something entirely unique made for that special someone…you can’t get much rarer than a one-of-a-kind item! We are all individuals, and handmade jewellery is a wonderful way of celebrating that fact. Tailor your gift to your loved one’s personality, favourite colours or precious stones and you’ll win all the brownie points, that’s for certain. 

  2 – Top Quality  

Handmade jewellery is always of the highest quality, typically because of the care and attention which has gone into making the particular piece. Any jeweller worth their salt will have a passion for creating top-quality, using the finest materials with tried-and-tested techniques. If you really want to wow your loved one, then afford them the finest quality in a gesture which is built to stand the test of time. 

dimond3 – The Gift of Surprise  

There’s no greater feeling than seeing the look of surprise on that special someone’s face when they open a gift for the first time. Now, times that by a thousand when they can see that it’s a specially handcrafted item which was specifically made with their tastes in mind – a truly wonderful experience for everyone involved. 

4 – The Ultimate Thoughtful Gesture 

Anyone can jump online and order a box of chocolates and a ‘World’s Best Girlfriend’ picture frame, though going out of your way to invest in a piece of handmade jewellery – that’s going above and beyond. The thought alone will be gift enough, though this is something that they can treasure forever – especially if they kept talking about how much they needed a nice near pair of earrings and you pretended not to listen! 

jewerly5 – Sentimental Value  

You don’t have to spend a small-fortune on handmade jewellery for the recipient to treasure it more than anything in this world. The sentimental value alone is worth more than any other gift you can imagine. It doesn’t matter if it’s a necklace, a bracelet, a ring or a pair of earrings – the very fact that they’re handmade will form a strong attachment to the piece. 

If you really want to go above and beyond with your gift giving this year then you should definitely consider investing in handmade jewellery. You can look for some inspiration or ideas and then get to planning your piece. With plenty of careful consideration, a lot of love and the right jeweller, you’ll be able to create the perfect gift which will be treasured for a lifetime. Afford your loved one the finest gift that money can buy and demonstrate that your love for them is as beautiful and unique as the ring you’ve put on their finger.