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Biodiversity is a word that many people are unfamiliar with, though one which is incredibly important for the sake of our survival and that of all the other living organisms on our planet. It refers to the connection of all life on earth, essentially ‘the circle of life’. In this article we are going to give you a quick insight into why biodiversity is sacred and how we need to do more to raise awareness, so that every man, woman and child on earth knows and understands its deeper meaning – here’s why:

healthy food  1 – Food Glorious Food

While the majority of our diet is made up of a small amount of plant and animal species in the grander scheme of things, it doesn’t mean that we should care less for the rest of the species that inhabit our planet. In fact, many of these species work behind the scenes to create balance in our environment, from spiders eating flies, all the way up to bears culling overpopulated species of deer.

Just take a look at the fact that bees are essential for pollinating a large part of our diet, and yet in many places their numbers are dwindling. This is why biodiversity is so important, particularly if you like having food in your belly.

2 – Our Health

Our health is closely linked with biodiversity, by having a wide range of plants and animals to eat and having the necessary nutrients to stave off sickness and disease. Then we have the medicinal properties of many plants which can be found in our environment. Simply put, without our environment and all of the beautiful creatures and plant life within it, we wouldn’t last 5 minutes!

fresh air3 – Thriving Ecosystems

Thriving ecosystems are essential for us and the way that we function. Just take a quick look at the following ways in which a thriving ecosystem serves us:

  • Clean Air
  • Clean Water
  • Healthy Soil
  • Rich, Raw Materials

4 – Strengthens Our Resolve

Biodiversity in our natural world is important for our survival as a global species. It’s not just about how it can benefit us, but all life on earth as well. Biodiversity is a sort of insurance which protects us from failure. Where one species declines, another will fill that particular natural niche, though we do have to be mindful about which species are more effective at certain aspects and what we can do to preserve them. A diverse ecosystem guarantees our survival and bolsters our resilience against sickness and fragility.

Finding the Right Balance

Many people believe that because we are human, and we have the power to think consciously, then we should never kill animals under any circumstance – though what many people fail to realise is that because of our inherent ability to think and do right by the world then we are essentially the caretakers. Which means, at times we will have to cull a certain species in order restore balance. For example, Wild Pig in certain areas of America are thriving and yet absolutely decimating the countryside and many of the other smell species of animals, which is why hunting in those areas is encouraged.

health5 – The Beauty

What better a reason to strive for biodiversity than for the sake of beauty? The world is a truly spectacular place, with many wonderful species of plant and animal. It is our sacred duty as the caretakers of this earth to preserve all that is good and beautiful, and at the moment we’re not doing an exceptional job. Fortunately, there are many systems in place, companies and organisations which are striving to have less of a negative impact on the world wherever we go. You don’t have to become an activist and start picketing everywhere you go, but you should certainly make more of an effort to raise awareness and have as good an impact on the environment as you possibly can – we’re in this together.