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Why Rent a Skip Bin for Home Remodeling Waste?

Since nothing is made to last, every home owner at some point will need to do some basic, or at times extensive home renovation. So when it’s time to demolish or tear out rooms before renovating, you will generate a significant amount of debris.  In most communities, sending construction materials like metal, lumber, and glass with your weekly garbage service is not allowed. An efficient way to remove debris for mid- to large-scale home remodel projects is to order an Affordable Skip Bin (or rolloff container). Cheap skip bin hire is a practical choice for homeowners, in addition to hiring a hauling company.

In this article we will cover some helpful tips for hiring a skip bin service to remove your home remodelling waste.

Basic Skip Bin Hire Tips

Residential homeowners can actually rent skip bins containers the same as contractors do for home projects. Here are some helpful tips on how to hire a skip bin service….

  • Check if you need a permit

Your local parking enforcement office or building permit office can give you information about permits needed if you are parking the skip bin on the street. If you have room then place it on your own property, you will have no worries about tickets, fines, or permits. If you live on a street with a neighborhood association, then usually the provisions of the homeowner’s association contract do not allow for a skip bin without permission.

  • Clear the Space around the Bin

Whether the skip bin is going on the street or your property, the truck dropping off and picking up the skip bin needs room to maneuver and back in. The skip bin might not get removed if the space is not cleared out for pick up truck. This can result in delay of pickup and extra charge for the amount of extras for the bin.

  • Determine which size Skip Bin you need

You will probably need a bin one size bigger than you think you need. Carpeting, scrap wood, drywall–all of these waste products take up volume. Concrete, rock, and dirt are more weight than volume. Sometimes there are specific types of skip bins for certain types of debris that are regulated by local laws, so be sure to tell your skip bin provider exactly what type of waste you are removing.

Basic Skip Bin Sizes:

  1. 10 Cubic Yard Bin- A ten yarder will not get you very far if you are doing any sizable home remodeling work. At best, you can use it for tearing out a small bathroom.
  2. 20 Cubic Yard Bin – This is about the minimum size container you should ever get. This would accommodate the waste from a small kitchen or full bathroom without cramming and crushing.
  3. 30 Cubic Yard Bin – This fits in front of most house without too much complaint from neighbors. You can fit carpeting, drywall, and wood in a 30 yarder without too much trouble. Also, if you are disposing of concrete or rock, you will need a larger container since you cannot fill the container up very high.
  4. 40 Cubic Yard Bin – The 40 yarder is the daddy of skip bins and is meant for major, whole-house renovation work.


When removing leftover debris, there are hazards and certain laws to be aware of, so be sure to tell your skip bin provider exactly what type of waste you need to remove. In some cases, there are certain type of bins for certain types of waste that can’t be mixed with other materials.